Jurong Lake District – The Transformation of Jurong

Get ready for Transformation! – The 2nd CBD of Singapore

Lake Grande - A lakeside destination for business and leisure

20 years ago, Jurong was earmarked as one of the regional centres under the Concept Plan 1991 by URA in order to decentralise the commercial activities in Singapore so as to bring more jobs closer to home. There were plenty of scepticism at that time of announcement, as Jurong is often associated with “uncleaned” air assumption due to its closed proximity to Tuas heavy industrial estates and Jurong Island.

Forward to present market, Jurong Lake District had been designated as the 2nd Central Business District in Singapore and a regional center in the west with two distinctive precinct; Jurong Gateway and Lakeside. Jurong Gateway precinct provides most of the commercial activities that bring jobs closer to home whereas Lakeside precinct (where Lake Grande is located) is designated as a new waterfront playground with more green and thrills by the lake.

Jurong Gateway – A new Destination for Business and Leisure

Jurong Gateway - new business location by the lake near to Lake Grande

With around 1 millions residents living in the western region of Singapore, more than 3000 multinational companies in the International Business Park and Jurong/Tuas industrial estates, the 70 hectare Jurong Gateway Precinct is well positioned to provide an attractive alternative outside city center. It will be the biggest commercial hub out central business district (CBD). The main objective is to decentralise the central business district and will benefit investors and homeowners of Lake Grande, bringing jobs closer to home and minimise the morning rush hours traffic jam around the city fringe.

The precinct will have an appealing environment for companies with a good mix of residential, hotel, retail mall with entertainment and F&B. the total estimated office and retail space will be approximately 500,000 sqm and 250,000 sqm respectively. 2800 hotel rooms will also be built close to the Jurong lake for both business and leisure travellers. Buildings within Jurong Gateway will be seamlessly connected with link bridge and greenery path built towards the Lakeside Village.

Genting Hotel Jurong – the first Major Hotel in Western part of Singapore

Hotel Genting Jurong near to Lake Grande

Since Apr 2015, Genting Hotel Jurong, which is located along Jurong Town Hall Road, had began their business operation. The 15-storey, 557-room hotel is touted as an eco-friendly “Hotel within a garden” and offers panoramic view of the Jurong Lake District. Hotel guests are able to take the 24-hours shuttle bus to Resort World Sentosa for free. Looking for a staycation? Homeowners at Lake Grande need not travel far away from home as it is only two MRT station away.

With the announcement of High Speed Rail (HSR) between Malaysia and Singapore to be built just a short distance away from the hotel, market watchers had admired the good foresights of Genting management being able to claim a piece of future success story of the exciting transformation in Jurong Lake District.

Jurong Community Hospital, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Specialist Outpatient Clinics – The Healthcare Business are Here too

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital near to Lake Grande

It is not just work and play in Jurong Lake District. The healthcare business had already set their foot here too. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, which is part of an integrated development with the adjoining Jurong Community Hospital, had began operations in June 2015 to cater to the residents and businesses in this region. It also boost 8 levels of specialists clinics. Given the large industrial estates nearby, which includes shipyards and oil refineries, the hospital, which is operated by JurongHealth, is specialise and expects to treat a fair number of industrial accident cases.

Transformation of Lakeside – A New Waterfront Playground with Greenery by the Lake

the Transformation of Jurong happening near Lake Grande

Spread over 290 hectare, Lakeside precinct had been earmarked to be redeveloped with new parks, and leverage on its waterfront promenade to bring residents closer to the lake. It will be the third National Park after Botanic Garden and Garden by the Bay. Jurong Lake Garden will be the first National Park that is closed to the heartland. Lake Grande is just situated directly opposite Jurong Lake Garden with almost 30% of the project enjoying the panoramic view of the garden.

There will be various recreational options to be offered in 3 zones, namely the Family Zone, Adventure Zone and Nature Green Zone. Expect fun water activities like kayaking and dragon boating in the lake with new waterfront broad walks and wetlands currently under construction.

A new Lakeside Village will emerge at the fringe of Jurong Lake Garden. Only an estimated 10 minutes walk from Jurong East MRT Station, this new destination offers alternative shopping and dining experience from Jurong Gateway, with F&B, village-style retail and entertainment with boutique hotels sprucing up along the waterfront.

A new world class Science Centre will also be built beside Chinese Garden MRT Station, with the existing Science Center making way for the upcoming Lakeside Village. Residents can expect 4 to 5 edutainment attractions around the lake. These attractions will form a very good bonding time for families with your children to play and learn at the same time.

High Speed Rail – the Game Changer?

In May 2015, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that The Republic’s terminus for the 350km Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail will be located at Jurong East, following the Leaders’ Retreat with Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak.

The HSR project, which was mutually agreed in 2013, has been seen as a “game changer”. Once completed, it will cut down on travel time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to just 90 minutes, which further cements Jurong Lake District’s position as the second Central Business District.

A week after the announcement by Prime Minister, Singpaore Land Authority had followed up with the announcement that Jurong Country Club will be acquired for the HSR terminus. It is within walking distance to Jurong Gateway and will need to hand over the land to the government by November 2016. The site will be redeveloped for new mixed-used developments, together with HSR terminus to serve the residents around the region, travellers and visitors.

The terminus will take up about 20% of the 67 hectare site, while the rest will be used for mixed development with most of the rail line will be underground to free up land space.

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